Tabletop Role-Playing Games

Welcome to Bestham Tavern

Lillian Finegold-Sachs

System: 5e (including official expansions, some homebrew may also be accepted)

Level of difficulty: beginner

Estimated length: 3 hours

Max number of players: 5

You, and a few other hopeful adventurers like you, have come to Pigland, a relatively small nation known as the starting point for many famous adventurers. You’ll head to the Bestham Tavern, filled with a wide variety of colorful characters, where you’ll be given the option of three starter quests to dip your feet into the game of Dungeons & Dragons! Each of the quests will focus on roleplay, puzzle-solving, or combat so that you can try out the three major styles of D&D. Characters will be at level 3, and it would be helpful if you came with your own, but you can also play as one of the regulars of Bestham Tavern, or, time permitting, we can try making one before playing.

The Shallow Sea

Noah Broude

System: Dungeon World

Level of difficulty: easy

Rating: boundaries will be established with players beforehand

Estimated length: 2-4 hours

Max number of players: 4

The Shallow Sea is a warm, thigh deep sea that stretches for miles. It is populated by fishfolk and sea monsters alike and rife with the promise of adventure: what do you hope to find out in the Shallow Sea?

Pentagram in the Penitentiary

Taylor Washabaugh

System: 5e

Level of difficulty: 6th level characters, some experience strongly suggested

Rating: PG-13 for some violence and horror themes

Estimated length: 3-4 hours

Max number of players: 5

The Arbiter’s Grounds was once a prison for the worst evils to plague the land, but fell into ruin at the expiration of the last great empires. Recently, an encampment of goblins has taken up nearby, and the King’s advisors are concerned that this is a sign of something far more sinister lurking there, somehow present long after its execution. Investigate the disturbance and dispose of any threat to the kingdom.