Schedule of Events

All times are in Eastern Daylight Time.

Tuesday, April 6th

11:00 11:00
11:30 11:30
12:00 Oh god, I put it on the Internet! 12:00
12:30 12:30
1:00 Alternative History: A Brief Introduction Closet Cosplay Olympics Welcome To Bestham Tavern 1:00
1:30 1:30
2:00 Polish Fandom 101 2:00
2:30 2:30
3:00 Introduction to Japanese Alternative Fashion The Thrill of Deception 3:00
3:30 3:30
4:00 Daleks 101 Indie Manga in America 4:00
4:30 4:30
5:00 LGBTQ Subtext in the Legend of Zelda Edittting Your Works 5:00
5:30 5:30
6:00 So You Want to Make Comics!? Academic & Applied Esports Program at W&M 6:00
6:30 6:30
7:00 6:30

Wednesday, April 7th

11:00 Edittting Your Works 11:00
11:30 11:30
12:00 LGBTQ Subtext in the Legend of Zelda 12:00
12:30 12:30
1:00 Indie Manga in America 1:00
1:30 1:30
2:00 So You Want to Make Comics!? Cosplay During the Pandemic The Shallow Sea 2:00
2:30 2:30
3:00 Get out of YOUR Way Closet Cosplay Olympics Pentagram in the Penitentiary 3:00
3:30 3:30
4:00 Fan Funds and why we need them 4:00
4:30 4:30
5:00 Write Your Book: How to Get Started 5:00
5:30 5:30
6:00 Copyright Law for Creative Types 6:00
6:30 6:30
7:00 7:00


The Thrill of Deception

Ama Adair

Nothing keep us turning pages, or glued to the screen more than the drive to know. So it’s no surprise that the spy is one of the most thrilling characters in any story, regardless of genre. Ever wonder what it’s really like? What it takes to make deception real? Author A.M. Adair gives you a look behind the facade into what makes a spy.

Oh god, I put it on the Internet

William & Mary Costuming Club

Wherever there are children with internet access, there are bound to be regrettable post histories. From terrible fanfiction to homemade music videos, join the W&M Cosplay Club as they explore their internet blunder years with this show & tell style panel. Anyone who attends this panel is encouraged to take the stage and share their own photos, videos, and other embarrassing memories.

Alternate History: a brief introduction

Alexander Wallace

An introduction to the genre of alternate history in various media.

Closet Cosplay Olympics

William & Mary Costuming Club

Want to test your dress-up skills on the fly? Join the W&M Cosplay Club for this fast-paced, competition-style panel. Participants will be given a broad theme and five minutes to put together a cosplay look using only items and garments from their home

Polish fandom 101

Marcin “Alqua” Klak

Have you ever thought how does the fandom look in different countries? If yes this talk may give you a glimpse of the fandom in Poland. You will get the opportunity to take a look at Polish cons, learn about local writers other than Stanisław Lem and Andrzej Sapkowski, and lastly ask any questions.

Introduction to Japanese Alternative Fashion

Shay Merker

Join us for an exploration of Japanese Alternative Fashions and how you (yes, you!) can wear them. Includes a short history segment about Harajuku, descriptions of some prominent fashions (including lolita, decora, fairy kei, and Japanese punk), and advice on how to bring kawaii into your outfits and/or dorm!

Daleks 101

Old Dominion Daleks

A guide to the history of Daleks in Dr. Who and how to build your own

Indie Manga in America


Do you draw or write manga or have wanted to start? Do you think you’re drawing manga but people tell you it’s not legit? This panel will ask questions of what manga is at its most basic and how to do it well. There will be discussions on authenticity in approaching manga on an art and writing level, function over form, respect for other cultures, historical traditions, and emotional and cultural honesty. If you’re already pretty confident in your manga work, hopefully this can offer new perspectives that will help you sharpen your creative blades. This is a theory discussion for intermediate creators (maybe you’ve made a US comic or novel, maybe you draw manga style still images and want to make a book), so we won’t be talking about basic how-to unless you ask if there’s time for questions. All level of questions, beginner to advanced, are welcome in 24x4’s DMs. 24x4 is a Korean American comic book and manga artist. They had a book considered for the 2020 Tezuka Award and are currently in the final round of judging for the SMA competition. They’re addicted to Japanese competitions and are working on a manga publishing startup. (If you’ve got a portfolio/want to make manga, slide into their DMs.) They work in book editorial by day.

LGBTQ Subtext in the Legend of Zelda

Emily MacKenzie

“Zelda, your hero looks gnc af” - an internet meme

The Legend of Zelda series has many characters that subvert gender expectations and are often speculated to be LGBT, but does putting Link in a dress and calling her a “vai” really make them the genderfluid icon we deserve? The history of Hyrule is also the history of Nintendo’s poor choices in character design—for better or worse, are these characters intentionally queer?

Edittting Your Works

D.M. Patterson, Tara Moeller & 24x4

The ins and outs, up and downs, and absolute importance of editing.

So you want to make Comics!?

Kevin Cuffe

Q&A panel about making comics for cartoonists, writers and artists interested in making comics and graphic novels. Kevin is a podcaster / published comic book writer with published work from Scout comics, Image comics and self-published work who is here to answer any questions you may have about comics, making comics and graphic novels. You can listen to the podcast at

Academic & Applied Esports Program at W&M

Michele King, Director of Esports

As the result of its exponential growth, the $1 billion esports industry is becoming mainstream with international professional leagues, collegiate teams, and pilot programs in high schools. Incoming freshmen who are looking for an esports community can now call W&M home. Meet the Director of Esports, current varsity players/coaches, and student EPs (Esports Pioneers) as we embrace the W&M esports gaming community and discuss the future of esports on campus. Game On!

Cosplay During the Pandemic

William & Mary Costuming Club

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on everyone who enjoys convention culture, including the cosplay community. Join the W&M Cosplay Club as they address how to keep up with your craft during difficult times, and premiere the socially distanced masquerade video they created over the course of the school year, “Dating SMASH!” The panel and screening will be followed by a Q&A session with members of the club.

Get Out of YOUR Way

D.M. Patterson & Michael Thompson

Tips on how to get unstuck in your projects.

Fan Funds and why we need them

Marcin “Alqua” Klak

Fan Funds date back to 1940s and are still here. They are a way to connect fandom from different regions. This is done by sending a fan to a convention in other part of the world (or the country). The talk will share a bit about their history but we will talk more about the present times and how one can apply for them to have the great fannish adventure.

Write your book: How to get started

Tara Moeller & D.M. Patterson

Jefferson Grant Spears

A look from a legal perspective on copyrights, what they are, and what they mean for you as a creative individual. Listen to a lawyer explain this legal concept.