Griffincon X Cosplay Contest

Griffincon is holding its annual cosplay contest online this year! Virtual judging will take place in the cosplay-contest-judging voice channel between 2:30pm and 4pm on Wednesday by a panel of three W&M alumni, all of them former presidents of the W&M Cosplay Club. The contest signup link will be posted in this channel first thing Tuesday morning. After signups begin, feel free to share pictures of your competing cosplays in the #cosplay-contest channel for the judges. The first-prize winner will receive a $50 JOANN gift card, the second-prize winner a $20 gift card, and the third-prize winner a $10 gift card. Good luck!

#cosplay-sharing Cosplay Contest

Post photos of your cosplays in #cosplay-sharing and vote for your favorites! The photo doesn’t need to be recent, but it does need to be of you. The cosplayer with the most heart reacts by 7pm on Wednesday will receive a $20 JOANN gift card and be ranked among our cosplay contest winners!